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Physiotherapists are experts in handling soft tissue and moving joints.  This is done under the patient’s control and might involve various types of massage and joint mobilisation.  The techniques used will reduce swelling, reduce pain, reduce muscle and joint stiffness and facilitate better movement and performance.

At Milton Keynes Physiotherapy Clinic we have :

  • Ultra sound which is used primarily to aid recovery of damaged or inflamed tendons and ligaments.
  • Inferential which is used to reduce pain and muscle spasm.
  • TENS which is a mobile unit which patients can borrow and is used as a very effective drug-free method of controlling pain.
  • Bio-feedback which consists of small self adhesive electrodes and a small display unit which monitors muscle contraction and is used to retrain weak muscles.

Acupuncture has been used in China for 3000 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture to treat all manor of medical illnesses and injuries believing the insertion of needles into the body in a certain pattern helps to restore a healthy energy flow and thus bring about healing.

In the West acupuncture became popular in the 1970’s and science has shown that insertion of needles results in stimulation of part of the brain that regulates pain perception and releases pain relieving substances called endorphines.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine sterile disposable needles into the skin often using the well established Chinese patterns. Between 4 and 20 needles for 20 minutes would be a typical treatment. The physiotherapist will be looking to reduce pain so that movement and function can be restored. During treatment the patient will experience a slight tingle or ache at the site of the needles but this is not unduly unpleasant.

Treatment of sports injuries is very similar to the treatment of other everyday injuries and aches and pains (see ‘Hands On Physiotherapy’ ) but with the extra focus on sports specific rehabilitation. The physiotherapist understands the movement and muscle control required for the sport and is ideally placed to create an appropriate rehabilitation programmme.

This is hands on manipulation and stretching of soft tissue used to prevent and treat injury pre and post competition and during training. The techniques improve circulation, improve removal of metabolic waste in muscles, remodel scar tissue if needed, assist in mental preparation of the participant and aid relaxation. Sports massage is not exclusively for sport and at Milton Keynes Physiotherapy Clinic many injuries and conditions benefit from massage tailored to the problem in hand. Often the client just wants to enjoy the relaxation aspect of massage … and why not!

One of the main causes of incontinence in both men and women is weak pelvic floor muscles. Physiotherapists with special training are able to assess pelvic floor function and provide exercises to help strengthen and rehabilitate the weak muscles.

For more information on incontinence and for tips and exercises please visit the CSP website :

Following a stroke physiotherapy plays a key role in the patient’s healthcare team while they are in hospital and afterwards. The physiotherapist will put together a programme of exercises and treatments, setting goals with the patient and supporting them and their family throughout their rehabilitation in order to get them back to everyday life.

For more information about strokes please visit

Podiatry aims to assess and analyse the lower limb function and particularly the foot to identify whether the alignment of the lower limbs and feet are the cause of the patient’s musculo-skeletal problems. These problems include bunions, knee pain, hip and back pain and even headaches. Problems can be eased and even resolved through correctly prescribed orthotics (shoe insoles).

Ergonomics looks at how humans relate and function in relation to the tools and furniture they use. Physiotherapists are well positioned to assess, analyse and make adjustments to working practices and furniture to resolve work-related problems such as headaches, back pain, neck pain and RSI.

Shockwave Therapy or Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (rESWT) is a revolutionary treatment for overuse musculoskeletal conditions. This process induces microtrauma to the injured tissue and the body responds by increasing blood circulation and metabolism. This in turn speeds up the body’s natural healing response by increasing cell generation and dissolving troublesome calcium deposits.

For more information, please visit: Shockwave Therapy MK website

Our Prices

Physiotherapy 1 hour initial assessment with treatment £65
Physiotherapy Follow up lasting 30 minutes £45
Acupuncture 1 hour initial assessment with treatment £65
Acupuncture Follow up lasting 30 minutes £45
Sports Therapy 1 hour Assessment with Treatment £48
Sports Therapy 30 minute Follow Up £28
Sports Massage 1 Hour £48
Sports Massage 30 Minutes £28
Shockwave Therapy £100 per session £100

Private Medical Insurance

Remember, we are recognized by all major private health insurers.

If you have private medical insurance please inform us when arranging your initial appointment.

Please have your policy details to hand, as we will require the name of the company you are insured with, your policy number and an authorization number before arranging your appointment.

A referral from your GP may be required prior to an authorisation code being provided by your insurer. We will liaise directly with your insurer to enable PC Physiotherapy to invoice them directly.

Some insurers may require a physiotherapy provider reference number prior to authorising treatment. If you require any provider details please feel free to contact us. Policies and procedures vary from insurer to insurer so if you have any queries please call your insurer for advice.


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